Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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The wussification of culture: A ball player is plunked in the backside and the benches clear. A ball to the butt necessitates a meeting at the mound? A bunch of wimps! Save the brawls for headhunters. The pitcher hit him in the tush! Baseball's become about crying. It used to be “There’s no crying in baseball.” Can’t break up double plays, or run through a catcher, or throw purpose pitches - what’s next? Maybe outlaw the fastball? [...]

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Bacteria on Mars are Life; Heartbeats on Earth are Not?

Disease is a health issue, not a population issue. Mass starvation is an economic issue, not a population issue. Where there’s economic liberty and personal freedom we see societies flourish, regardless of the size of their population. Even in places where the government and the economy aren’t as free as they could be. Each and every individual is a blessing. There’s plenty of room (and need) on our planet for more blessings. [...]

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Can’t Live With Jesus Part-Time Expecting Full Benefits

Listen, you cannot live with Jesus part-time and expect full-time benefits. If Jesus lives in you, then He does so full-time, and grants you the full benefits of being His co-heir. There is no part-time with Jesus (this is what the Bible describes as lukewarm faith). A person is either with Him or against Him. If the person is lukewarm (part-time) then Jesus spews out the person. At least this is what the Scriptures teach. [...]

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An Example of Online Apologetics

Do you believe the universe came into existence, or that it’s always existed? Do you possibly believe it doesn’t exist? Regardless, are you able to defend your answer using observable, testable, repeatable, falsifiable evidence? My point isn’t to discount scientific method, but rather to point out its restrictions. It’s good at what it does (study the natural). It cannot be good at what it cannot -by definition- do (study the supernatural). [...]

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Obi-won Kenobi is Not Jesus and Other True Things

Communication is far better in person, but even “out in the wild” it’s rare to find patient constructive dialog. I’ll always cast a vote for “Face-to-face” over “Facebook”, but I wonder if this is a problem caused by social media, or if online interaction merely exposes a larger problem in society. If we know a person, we might discover we like them, so we might behave more politely. Regardless, we’re to love our neighbor anyway. [...]

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Words Regarding Abortion

It’s not enough to be pro-life. That’s a strategy that clearly won’t work because it’s based on the idea that murder's a political issue to be settled at the ballot box. Pursuing this strategy was/is a grave error. Murder shouldn't be an election season issue to be resolved by majority vote. "Pro-lifers" must join the movement which aims to totally abolish human abortion - embracing an "anti-murder" stance. Christians should lead the way. [...]

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Those in Your Corner Don’t Whisper Lies of Dissension

All humans are God’s creatures, created in God’s image no less!  However, in the Bible there’s a special covenant relationship with God that’s in view when discussing people as God’s children.  In Acts 17 the Apostle Paul does quote the Cilician Stoic philosopher Aratus, saying that we're all ‘God’s offspring’.  Yet, notice Paul does this in the context of calling the non-believers to repentance so that they'll have salvation in Christ. [...]

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An Edifying Back-and-Forth Between Believers

Without an understanding of the bad news there’s no context for the Good News. Pointing out the bad is part of proclaiming the good. Once a person's born again, they celebrate the victory of Christ! If hearts aren’t convicted, then our pastors have fallen short. If Christian hearts aren’t encouraged, then our pastors have fallen short. The ENTIRE gospel MUST be preached - both reprobation and redemption - to the glory of God. [...]

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Christ Has Died, Christ is Risen, Christ Will Come Again

Pew research shows less than 15% of Western Christians utilize the Bible as a moral compass. The answers provided to the Gallop pollsters are concerning. None of the responses indicate a motivation for going to church as having anything to do with worshiping God, glorifying Christ, or being convicted/encouraged by the Holy Spirit. Instead, the answers are, “I go to church to increase my knowledge and enjoy my kind of music.” [...]

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7 Examples That Kingdom Work Can Be Done Online

There’s no biblical teaching that Christians lead perfect lives with only perfect thoughts. Christ is perfect, Christians are not (although they aspire to be - hence, the need for Christ). Our hypocrisy, sin, and yet-to-be-glorified lives bring a stain to the name of Christ - if we make Christianity about us. But if we make our message about Him, then we commiserate with the lost, as we share the gospel that God’s rescued sinners (like us). [...]

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