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Overcoming: With Truth, Humor, Wisdom

Devious deception from self-absorbed leaders is all too common. News stories highlight the wary distrust of one group toward another group. Monetary greed, personal comfort, and a spirit of going-it-alone dominate culture. The back-biting, bickering, and back-stabbing wouldn't be so bad if not for the power plays, office politics, and Machiavellian triangulation. How do we come together in unity? What's the Bible say about this? [...]

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An Edifying Back-and-Forth Between Believers

Without an understanding of the bad news there’s no context for the Good News. Pointing out the bad is part of proclaiming the good. Once a person's born again, they celebrate the victory of Christ! If hearts aren’t convicted, then our pastors have fallen short. If Christian hearts aren’t encouraged, then our pastors have fallen short. The ENTIRE gospel MUST be preached - both reprobation and redemption - to the glory of God. [...]

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A Question of Unity

The word “racial” is troubling because it assumes a problem between competing races, when there is but one race. This is similar to any assumption that “disparities” are a problem, given that this is part of reality, as God Himself brings about disparities. Similar to this is the word “division”. There is unity of believers in Christ; this is a foundational truth. Any appearance of division is from attitudes and activities that aren’t “in Christ”. [...]

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