Guns, Murder, Pagans, Clowns, and Stinkin’ Badges

Among people in the "pro-life" community there are many embracing a "two-victim" view. Have you ever heard a “pro-life” leader call for women guilty of carrying their babies to abortion mills to be arrested and charged with murder or accessory to murder”?  This is as a glaring inconsistency.  With all other murders, someone is arrested, charged, tried and punished if found guilty.  The “abolition” movement aims to clear this up. [...]

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Having Kingdom Focused Dialogues Online? 

Changing the word used for a given reality doesn’t change the reality. Should we call ourselves “followers of the Way”, “believers in Jesus”, “the chosen”, or “disciples of our Savior”, it won’t matter. If we make our message about Him, then we commiserate with the lost, as we share the gospel that God’s rescues sinners from condemnation so that we can joyfully work to do the work of His kingdom. In Christ the yoke of guilt is lifted. [...]

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person holding a cross over the bible

Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Christian Faith

Christians are called to be stewards of all that God's given us.  This includes the environment.  Does the Paris Accord accomplish this?  At least one professing Christian, David Rank, believes that it does. There are other professing Christians who disagree.  It'd seem that Christians can agree to disagree over the answer to this question. The importance of stewardship is not up for debate. The importance of the Paris agreement is. [...]

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silhouette of three crosses during the sunrise

Understanding The History And Symbols of Easter

Personal Note: It is obvious that someone representing the church (and NOT me) wrote the original portion of the post about Easter.  First, I always refer to it as Resurrection Sunday.  Second, in this context I would not have made a big deal out of Christendom and the Council of Nicaea.  Third, our church does not use a Paschal Candle. Other than that, it has a good beat and I can dance to it, so I will give it a ninety-eight. [...]

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black chess piece separated from the red chess pieces

A Question of Unity

The word “racial” is troubling because it assumes a problem between competing races, when there is but one race. This is similar to any assumption that “disparities” are a problem, given that this is part of reality, as God Himself brings about disparities. Similar to this is the word “division”. There is unity of believers in Christ; this is a foundational truth. Any appearance of division is from attitudes and activities that aren’t “in Christ”. [...]

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1+1=3 written on a black chalkboard

Even Tim Keller Can Be Wrong

Tim Keller wrote an article titled “A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory. Keller is brilliant and an exceptionally gifted wordsmith. His intellect and talent are far superior to most (including mine). And yet, one quick read through his article exposes some of his most important assertions to be flat out wrong. I wonder if Keller possibly did this on purpose. I’m not formally accusing him, but I am keeping my eyes open. [...]

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