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Overcoming: With Truth, Humor, Wisdom

Devious deception from self-absorbed leaders is all too common. News stories highlight the wary distrust of one group toward another group. Monetary greed, personal comfort, and a spirit of going-it-alone dominate culture. The back-biting, bickering, and back-stabbing wouldn't be so bad if not for the power plays, office politics, and Machiavellian triangulation. How do we come together in unity? What's the Bible say about this? [...]

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I’ll Show You a Place High on a Desert Plain

When seeing someone who’s lost, the loving thing is to help them be found. When seeing someone in peril, the loving thing is to help lead them to security. When seeing someone adrift, the loving thing is to help put them on course. If it’s true they stand condemned unless they repent, we serve them by telling them so. Pretending they’re not condemned, when they truly do stand condemned, is to fail in serving these neighbors. [...]

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The wussification of culture: A ball player is plunked in the backside and the benches clear. A ball to the butt necessitates a meeting at the mound? A bunch of wimps! Save the brawls for headhunters. The pitcher hit him in the tush! Baseball's become about crying. It used to be “There’s no crying in baseball.” Can’t break up double plays, or run through a catcher, or throw purpose pitches - what’s next? Maybe outlaw the fastball? [...]

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