Try Reading This Over a Cup of Coffee

Christians should hold other Christians to account.  As for non-believers, Christians should call them to salvation with the message of mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  There’s no need for a Christian to condemn lost sinners for their sin, as they already stand condemned by God's Word.  Instead, the Christian should call lost sinners to reconciliation with their Creator and pray that they’ll repent to become disciples of Christ. [...]

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Guns, Murder, Pagans, Clowns, and Stinkin’ Badges

Among people in the "pro-life" community there are many embracing a "two-victim" view. Have you ever heard a “pro-life” leader call for women guilty of carrying their babies to abortion mills to be arrested and charged with murder or accessory to murder”?  This is as a glaring inconsistency.  With all other murders, someone is arrested, charged, tried and punished if found guilty.  The “abolition” movement aims to clear this up. [...]

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two people holding hands in a large crowd

5 Wonderful Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

The safest place on the planet for any human should be inside the womb.  We know this isn’t the case, as evidenced every month by the estimated 4-million children killed before their gestation period has reached its natural end.  Yes, four-million worldwide.  That’s an average of 5,500 per hour, every hour.  Or 90 per minute, every minute.  This is more than one abortion per second.  Every second of every day.  Day after day after day. [...]

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person holding a small wood house with a cross

How to Start a House Church

There’s a Hebrew verb for miscarry (shakal). This word isn’t used in Exodus 21:22-25.  Instead it's the word for “go forth” (weyatse’u).  This verb doesn’t ever refer to an abortion.  When referring to pregnancy, it speaks of live children “going forth”/“coming out” from the womb.  So, Exodus 21 requires a fine to be paid for causing a premature birth, while injury/death (of the mother or the child) incurs a more severe punishment. [...]

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silhouette of three crosses during the sunrise

Understanding The History And Symbols of Easter

Personal Note: It is obvious that someone representing the church (and NOT me) wrote the original portion of the post about Easter.  First, I always refer to it as Resurrection Sunday.  Second, in this context I would not have made a big deal out of Christendom and the Council of Nicaea.  Third, our church does not use a Paschal Candle. Other than that, it has a good beat and I can dance to it, so I will give it a ninety-eight. [...]

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cartoon of a red angry ox


The wussification of culture: A ball player is plunked in the backside and the benches clear. A ball to the butt necessitates a meeting at the mound? A bunch of wimps! Save the brawls for headhunters. The pitcher hit him in the tush! Baseball's become about crying. It used to be “There’s no crying in baseball.” Can’t break up double plays, or run through a catcher, or throw purpose pitches - what’s next? Maybe outlaw the fastball? [...]

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Obi-won Kenobi is Not Jesus and Other True Things

Communication is far better in person, but even “out in the wild” it’s rare to find patient constructive dialog. I’ll always cast a vote for “Face-to-face” over “Facebook”, but I wonder if this is a problem caused by social media, or if online interaction merely exposes a larger problem in society. If we know a person, we might discover we like them, so we might behave more politely. Regardless, we’re to love our neighbor anyway. [...]

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pregnant woman with an illustration of a baby inside of her belly

Words Regarding Abortion

It’s not enough to be pro-life. That’s a strategy that clearly won’t work because it’s based on the idea that murder's a political issue to be settled at the ballot box. Pursuing this strategy was/is a grave error. Murder shouldn't be an election season issue to be resolved by majority vote. "Pro-lifers" must join the movement which aims to totally abolish human abortion - embracing an "anti-murder" stance. Christians should lead the way. [...]

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7 Examples That Kingdom Work Can Be Done Online

There’s no biblical teaching that Christians lead perfect lives with only perfect thoughts. Christ is perfect, Christians are not (although they aspire to be - hence, the need for Christ). Our hypocrisy, sin, and yet-to-be-glorified lives bring a stain to the name of Christ - if we make Christianity about us. But if we make our message about Him, then we commiserate with the lost, as we share the gospel that God’s rescued sinners (like us). [...]

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Christmastime Activities That Focus on Faith

Compassion is something we should aspire to have. It’s also something we should seek to have in our leaders. But, life and leadership are more complex than just this one thing. A list of the most compassionate presidents in US history might include John Adams, Abe Lincoln, and Harry Truman. All pretty good presidents. The list might also include John Quincy Adams, James Garfield, and Jimmy Carter. All poor presidents. [...]

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