Having Kingdom Focused Dialogues Online? 

Changing the word used for a given reality doesn’t change the reality. Should we call ourselves “followers of the Way”, “believers in Jesus”, “the chosen”, or “disciples of our Savior”, it won’t matter. If we make our message about Him, then we commiserate with the lost, as we share the gospel that God’s rescues sinners from condemnation so that we can joyfully work to do the work of His kingdom. In Christ the yoke of guilt is lifted. [...]

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Proof That Fools Can Have a High IQ

Non-biblical individuals advocate for what they say is right/true without contemplating the ground for their convictions.  Often this is due to thinking they don't have to contemplate such things because they feel their position is rooted in neutrality.  But neutral ground is a myth.  All convictions are grounded in something. Whatever that "something" might be, not all of your neighbors will agree - so it's not neutral. [...]

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person holding a small wood house with a cross

How to Start a House Church

There’s a Hebrew verb for miscarry (shakal). This word isn’t used in Exodus 21:22-25.  Instead it's the word for “go forth” (weyatse’u).  This verb doesn’t ever refer to an abortion.  When referring to pregnancy, it speaks of live children “going forth”/“coming out” from the womb.  So, Exodus 21 requires a fine to be paid for causing a premature birth, while injury/death (of the mother or the child) incurs a more severe punishment. [...]

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An Example of Online Apologetics

Do you believe the universe came into existence, or that it’s always existed? Do you possibly believe it doesn’t exist? Regardless, are you able to defend your answer using observable, testable, repeatable, falsifiable evidence? My point isn’t to discount scientific method, but rather to point out its restrictions. It’s good at what it does (study the natural). It cannot be good at what it cannot -by definition- do (study the supernatural). [...]

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