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Overcoming: With Truth, Humor, Wisdom

Devious deception from self-absorbed leaders is all too common. News stories highlight the wary distrust of one group toward another group. Monetary greed, personal comfort, and a spirit of going-it-alone dominate culture. The back-biting, bickering, and back-stabbing wouldn't be so bad if not for the power plays, office politics, and Machiavellian triangulation. How do we come together in unity? What's the Bible say about this? [...]

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7 Examples That Kingdom Work Can Be Done Online

There’s no biblical teaching that Christians lead perfect lives with only perfect thoughts. Christ is perfect, Christians are not (although they aspire to be - hence, the need for Christ). Our hypocrisy, sin, and yet-to-be-glorified lives bring a stain to the name of Christ - if we make Christianity about us. But if we make our message about Him, then we commiserate with the lost, as we share the gospel that God’s rescued sinners (like us). [...]

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