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Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Christian Faith

Christians are called to be stewards of all that God's given us.  This includes the environment.  Does the Paris Accord accomplish this?  At least one professing Christian, David Rank, believes that it does. There are other professing Christians who disagree.  It'd seem that Christians can agree to disagree over the answer to this question. The importance of stewardship is not up for debate. The importance of the Paris agreement is. [...]

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cartoon of a red angry ox


The wussification of culture: A ball player is plunked in the backside and the benches clear. A ball to the butt necessitates a meeting at the mound? A bunch of wimps! Save the brawls for headhunters. The pitcher hit him in the tush! Baseball's become about crying. It used to be “There’s no crying in baseball.” Can’t break up double plays, or run through a catcher, or throw purpose pitches - what’s next? Maybe outlaw the fastball? [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Practice Faith Daily

In addition to five suggestions to aid in your spiritual discipline, this article also features thoughts about the culture war issues of creation vs. evolution, “pro choice” vs. “pro life”, and climate change activism. It then ends with deep thoughts about deep sadness from John Calvin, the lessons to be learned from the musical “Rent”, and a bonus dad joke. That's quite a lot of stuff, but it's a quick read with something for almost everyone. [...]

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