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Five Reminders How Little Has Changed in Five Years

I couldn’t help but notice the large number of former "friends" from a just a few years ago who have blocked me. They never reached out or indicated I had offended them. Too cowardly. Clearly they weren't the friends I hoped them to be. Fact is, I’m a Christian the same as always, but the culture's shifted. It now hates Christianity. Beneath their masks they hate Christians and even hate Christ Himself. Heart breaking. [...]

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Five Helpful & Instructive Musings from Social Media Past

These teens won't go to court because they broke no statute. But the court of public opinion should be allowed to weigh in. Who are these teens? If we can't see them because they're minors, then we should hear their parents explain the behavior of their children. The next time someone says, ‘People are basically good’, I will have this video begin playing in my mind as a reminder that evil lurks in the hearts of men. [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Practice Faith Daily

In addition to five suggestions to aid in your spiritual discipline, this article also features thoughts about the culture war issues of creation vs. evolution, “pro choice” vs. “pro life”, and climate change activism. It then ends with deep thoughts about deep sadness from John Calvin, the lessons to be learned from the musical “Rent”, and a bonus dad joke. That's quite a lot of stuff, but it's a quick read with something for almost everyone. [...]

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A Question of Unity

The word “racial” is troubling because it assumes a problem between competing races, when there is but one race. This is similar to any assumption that “disparities” are a problem, given that this is part of reality, as God Himself brings about disparities. Similar to this is the word “division”. There is unity of believers in Christ; this is a foundational truth. Any appearance of division is from attitudes and activities that aren’t “in Christ”. [...]

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Even Tim Keller Can Be Wrong

Tim Keller wrote an article titled “A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory. Keller is brilliant and an exceptionally gifted wordsmith. His intellect and talent are far superior to most (including mine). And yet, one quick read through his article exposes some of his most important assertions to be flat out wrong. I wonder if Keller possibly did this on purpose. I’m not formally accusing him, but I am keeping my eyes open. [...]

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