How can they call on someone they don’t have faith in? And how can they have faith in someone they haven’t heard of? And how can they hear without a preacher?

Romans 10:14

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We warmly welcome you and your entire family to come and worship God with us in person. We’re always ready to welcome you with open arms. However, if you’re unable to physically attend, or if you wish to re-listen to a sermon, we have this archive provided for your convenience. Please follow the links below to find our latest sermons.

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At Household of Faith in Christ, the Bible is taught using a historical-grammatical method. In grappling with questions about life and the world, we work to provide biblical answers by being faithful to the text using what is called exegesis (reading out of the text) rather than eisegesis (reading into the text).

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If you’re looking for more than just the audio, and want to also see some videos of our previous sermons preached, the videos are readily available for you to view on your mobile device, desktop, or your television through devices such as Roku.

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Wherever you are you can bring the preaching of God’s Word with you. We are here visually and audibly to help you in working out your faith. Check out our podcasts below and listen anytime, anywhere, to our latest sermons and other discussions.

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We encourage you to maintain consistent faith practices in your life. One way to supplement your spiritual discipline is to connect with our sermons, discussions, and prayers. Take these messages with you wherever you go, and let your faith keep you motivated to maintain perseverance.

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