person holding a cross over the bible

Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Christian Faith

Christians are called to be stewards of all that God's given us.  This includes the environment.  Does the Paris Accord accomplish this?  At least one professing Christian, David Rank, believes that it does. There are other professing Christians who disagree.  It'd seem that Christians can agree to disagree over the answer to this question. The importance of stewardship is not up for debate. The importance of the Paris agreement is. [...]

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judge holding a gavel and resting their hand on the bible

Surrendering Slowly is Not Winning

I get concerned about approaching Revelation chapter three jingoistically. America as a whole is not a congregation, and a giant-sized chunk of the American citizenry does not even identify as Christian. As a result, it can take one off track when “America” is conflated with “the church”. I am persuaded that it is best to view chapters two and three as letters addressing the church, and not as letters addressing geo-political nation states. [...]

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