Try Reading This Over a Cup of Coffee

Christians should hold other Christians to account.  As for non-believers, Christians should call them to salvation with the message of mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  There’s no need for a Christian to condemn lost sinners for their sin, as they already stand condemned by God's Word.  Instead, the Christian should call lost sinners to reconciliation with their Creator and pray that they’ll repent to become disciples of Christ. [...]

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pregnant woman with an illustration of a baby inside of her belly

Words Regarding Abortion

It’s not enough to be pro-life. That’s a strategy that clearly won’t work because it’s based on the idea that murder's a political issue to be settled at the ballot box. Pursuing this strategy was/is a grave error. Murder shouldn't be an election season issue to be resolved by majority vote. "Pro-lifers" must join the movement which aims to totally abolish human abortion - embracing an "anti-murder" stance. Christians should lead the way. [...]

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