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Even Tim Keller Can Be Wrong

Tim Keller wrote an article titled “A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory. Keller is brilliant and an exceptionally gifted wordsmith. His intellect and talent are far superior to most (including mine). And yet, one quick read through his article exposes some of his most important assertions to be flat out wrong. I wonder if Keller possibly did this on purpose. I’m not formally accusing him, but I am keeping my eyes open. [...]

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An Exchange Between Pastors On Critical Theory

I had a friend – one who gives every appearance of being a thoughtful Christian — tell me that I’m dangerous to the community because I hold to views that insist on evaluating truth claims in light of primary source evidence (as opposed to merely trusting the words of the “credentialed class”). This has me feeling that it’s time to be more on the offense, and less on the defense, at this moment in history. [...]

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