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A Number of Shareable Items

Christian hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. This hope doesn't exist for many. For example, public schools aren't Christian institutions. We can’t change that God’s enemies hate God’s Word (it's to be expected of them). But perhaps God will use us as He rescues some of these lost souls from their hatred of Him. As we do this, we must home school to protect our kids from soul destroying paganism. [...]

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Five Helpful & Instructive Musings from Social Media Past

These teens won't go to court because they broke no statute. But the court of public opinion should be allowed to weigh in. Who are these teens? If we can't see them because they're minors, then we should hear their parents explain the behavior of their children. The next time someone says, ‘People are basically good’, I will have this video begin playing in my mind as a reminder that evil lurks in the hearts of men. [...]

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