Five Helpful & Instructive Musings from Social Media

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Five Helpful & Instructive Musings from Social Media


This three-and-a-half minute video is compelling for at least three reasons. 1. The kids are so darn cute. 2. It’s very well produced, so it looks cool. 3. It illustrates the the wonders of economic freedom from the perspective that biblical Christians should see things (because it highlights how economic freedom helps bring about human flourishing – in the best sense of that word.)


Timothy Keller (2010): “Here is my main problem with the book. Anyone who is strongly influenced by the imaginative world of The Shack will be totally unprepared for the far more multi-dimensional and complex God that you actually meet when you read the Bible.” Yes, Keller got this one right. I’d link to the article from which this quote was culled, but it appears to have been removed by The Gospel Coalition.


At the time I was very open to listening to those who chose to agree or disagree with the writer’s point of view. This article is still worth the read, as it will likely spark dialogue (even if only inner dialogue) and help illuminate how to spot disastrous wolves more quickly.


Looking back, this is when everything REALLY started going downhill. Frame is a giant in his thinking and a gentle soul in his teaching. It’s sad that all good things must come to an end… except Heaven, of course.

Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC Professor John Frame of Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando will be teaching his last course in May of this year, followed by his retirement. Professor Frame will be greatly missed by those who’ve been served by him inside and outside the classroom through his lectures and vast number of books and other brilliant contributions to the Reformed faith. Thank you for your service, Professor Frame!


We end this blog post where we began (sort of). This never gets old.

Striving for faithful witness,

Pastor Troy Skinner