Five Reminders How Little Has changed in Five Years

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The book is just okay in quality. Not terrible, but certainly not great literature. It ended up being successful, I think, because the basic story makes an emotional connection… kind of like Nicolas Sparks books. As you might imagine, my biggest concern is that it paints a completely non-biblical description of God (which could confuse people who think it portrays God as the Bible portrays God). Household of Faith in Christ did a sermon series on 1 John that included a handful of messages that took an in depth look at The Shack as a present day example of what the Apostle John is warning against. You’re encouraged to find those messages on the church’s YouTube channel.

“The Shack” is a a novel, to be sure; and its author is using the genre of novel to advance his theological point of view (which is absolutely what all authors do). Dr. Mohler’s article is suggesting that not enough Christians understand the Gospel, and so they are too prone to accepting the heretical theological message intended by the writer (and in the case of the movie, the message intended by the producer/director/screenwriter).


It’s a scientific fact — not a theory — that human LIFE begins at fertilization.


Helpful article for when you dive into Bible study.


Someone posted: To say that anti-Semitic acts haven’t increased is pure folly! Anyone who can’t see or admit that either has their head in the sand, is living in an alternative reality or is just plain stupid! I am, for the first time, able to commend the president for finally admitting that fact. Now I beg the same question that the reporter asked at your press conference, “What does your administration intend to do about it?”

To this I responded: Saw this article from a couple of weeks ago that I’m reminded of by reading this comment thread. In case you haven’t already read it, I’m linking to it here:

The reply I received: Good article, Troy. Well reasoned and sadly, the way it is and has been for the Jewish people, along with others for simply being “others”. Concerning the stats, 1/6 is not 1/4, but still thankfully, significant.


As we did yesterday, today we end where we began.

Peace to you,
Pastor Troy Skinner