Three Very Concerning Things Posted on Social Media

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In the words of the late, great John McLaughlin, “Issue One!”

I saw this posted on social media, and it raised in my mind at least two questions. First, if a pastor so strongly dislikes the public pressure of under shepherding Christ’s flock, is he seeking approval from the proper audience (ie. an audience of One… God)? Second, why are so many pastors so very fond of complaining about how hard it is to have their particular job, as if all work isn’t challenging as a result of the Fall of Man?

Here’s the post:

Perhaps the worst thing about being a pastor is no matter who you are, or how Christ-like you try to be, the fact is: you’re too “liberal” for some people, or too “conservative” for others; too into “justice ministry,” or not “woke” enough; too “Calvinist”, or too “Arminian;” too intellectual, or too emotional; too into “law”, or too into “grace;” too reliant on sports or movie analogies, or not creative enough to effectively use them in your preaching; too “transparent” with your life, or not “authentic” enough; …

My additional thought about this:

What’s additionally perplexing is how many people chose to comment on the post, and in each instance commiserated with the complainer. Rather than trying to navigate the constantly shifting landscape of what passes for radical-liberal/radical-conservative, too-Calvinist/too-Arminian, overly-emotional/overly-intellectual – how about committing to being biblical and staying true to the solid rock of God’s Word?

“Issue Two!”

Another concerning item posted on social media stated:

The Holy Bible says that a woman can be sold to her rapist after he violates her.

The Quran says that a woman must be always sexually submissive to men.

The Satanic Bible says to not make sexual advances unless they are reciprocated.

I responded to this acquaintance’s post be writing:

Hello, my friend. I’m glad that social media has allowed us to reconnect after so many years. Anyway, I’m guessing that the item above about the Bible is referring to Deuteronomy 22:28-29. You might find this link interesting:“.

My additional thought about this:

The meaning of words matter. I cannot be sure how fairly portrayed the Quran is or isn’t in the quote above. However, it’s clear that the Word of God was misrepresented in a horrific way, and those of us who follow Christ must be prepared to give a defense when the truth is under attack by deceivers.

“Issue Three!”

A third unfortunate post that caught my eye read:

Tackle the subject of women in ministry, and you are bound to touch the proverbial ‘third rail.’ But here goes, prompted by a fascinating panel discussion last Thursday night, here at Princeton Theological Seminary (you’ve got to read the blog to learn more). In spite of the offense (to some) – I am quite excited about this week’s posting, and was inspired, frankly, to write it. So read on – if you dare! And, as always, let me know your thoughts and views – even counter-views!“.

Seeing the invitation to chime in, even with a counterview, I replied:
When I’ve talked about this issue with other people the focus has had little to do with leadership styles, or even leadership gifting. Instead the discussion ends up centering on how one should understand 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

To this, the blog poster responded:
Helpful Troy. Let me sleuth around a bit – and then make a reply. I am certainly intrigued by this topic! A vital one, since women are among us in large numbers, and very much created by God for His purpose and glory. More later.

My additional thought about this:
Needless to say, he never followed up with the promised reply. His commitment to write “more later” fell by the wayside. One wonders if perhaps he actually did “sleuth around” and learned that he had no leg upon which to stand.

Enjoy God today,

Pastor Troy Skinner